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How to get a Playstation 4 for FREE :D

Hi there guys and girls, Sony's 8th generation video game console Playstation 4 or PS4 is out now, and we know that it's been a dream for you guys to get your hands on the Ultimate gaming system. But for few of us that dream is gonna remain only as a dream for it's extremely high price. Sony's Playstation 4 have $399 price tag with it's accessories bundle :/. So, for those who can't really afford that much for a gaming console but really really willing to do something to earn it, here's How to get a Free Playstation Free. Of course, nobody's going to giveaway $399 Worth Sony Playstation 4 for Free. But if you have time and patience this guide to free Playstation 4 is going to get you to your free PS4 . We all don't have money, but we all have our time. Right? And that's the only thing that you're gonna need to get your free PS4. No ther skill is required. Here's the detailed guide to get a PS4 for FREE.

  • Get a free Playstation 4 - Poster
  • Get a free Playstation 4 - Poster
  • Get a free Playstation 4 - Poster
  • Get a free Playstation 4 - Poster

Step 1: Get an account

The very first step to your Free Playstation 4 is to go to and create a free account there. It's totally free, and not gonna cost you a single cent.

  1. Make sure that you give them the correct information as this site gives you only one account. And if you don't fill up with valid information you probably will not be paid.
  2. Make sure you ,verify your E-mail by clicking the activation link in the email they sent to your E-mail account Inbox( Please also check the Spam or Junk folder).
  3. If you don't believe me or have confusions about then Check out the Review of
Free Playstation 4 from
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Step 2: Earn cash

Okay. Don't go away. It's not that tricky as it sounds. Play games, take surveys, talk to people to earn. You can do that for a $399 worth Playstation 4 for FREE. Survey and games are also free, you don't have to spend anything at all. Here's a full Guide to boost up your earning. If you still think it's hard, check the Testimonials here. You'll realize how easy it is to get your Free Playstation 4.

Step 3: Get Free Playstation 4

After you have earned enough cash or points for your Playstation 4 you can order your PS4 right from Amazon or buy it from anywhere you like by withdrawing your cash to your Paypal or Payza account. So you'll have your Playstation 4 totally free.

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Free Playstation 4 from Points2shop proof

Don't believe me?

Okay, I heard that. You don't really believe me at all that you can really Get a Free Playstation 4. You can check these Free Playstation Testimonials and talk to them. Or you can check out the Review about Points2Shop (That's a review from Yahoo! Voices). Or you can just give 5 minutes of your time to get your proof yourself. Here's what you'll do.

  1. Just sign up to Points2Shop.
  2. Get a Payza Account. (Just to transfer your earning. I would recommend Paypal, if you can but if you are under 18 you better go with Payza because you don't really need to verify your account right after openning it.)
  3. Complete any offer and earn $1(Minimum payout, so you really have to earn that, it'll just take 1 or 2 offers).
  4. Withdraw you money. (To withdraw your money click on the cash amount (top left) and then select Payza( formerly Alertpay) and set the amount as $1).
  5. It'll appear on your Payza account (But first check the requested withdraw page on the spend points menu(Top menu bar).
Get a free Playstation 4 - Poster

Good Luck :D

Alright. Now you believe that it actually works and you can Get a free Playstation 4. Get your PS4 for free. :D

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